When it comes to insurance of a proper life style, it seems some women have found an easy solution to make big bucks….It starts with an easy plan to entrap homeless men; keep them for a couple of years, and then kill them in an accident. Here is how the People , process and product or insurance payoff works… Does President Biden seem like big tech is his boss? He keeps on saying is vice president is President… What do you think is going on? Sometimes women seem help for the wrong reasons. Yet, if you compare the China spy and the power grab by big tech, maybe you also realize that THEY WANT TO BE THE WINNER AT ALL COSTS. How have we slipped so far? Do you realize that in very older couples the stronger one, who is usually a woman abuses the man. When the abuse is causeD by the woman it is usually hidden for political reasons until THEY GET TOO GREEDY!

from Medium.com DeLani R. BartletteFollowMar 16, 2020 there is a story of two old women who got too greedy in stealing from men. This is part of the story:

“….The two women met at a health club and discovered they had a common interest in making easy money. Together, they perpetrated a string of bogus “slip and fall” type lawsuits against various businesses. They would also hang out at expensive hotels, posing as guests, and flirt with wealthy men. They would string the men along, angling for expensive dinners and gifts, and in some cases, outright rob them.

But those were small-time cons. These women wanted the big money. So in 1997, they started offering to “help” homeless men, specifically men who didn’t have any family. They would offer to put them up in one of Golay’s apartments, pay the men’s bills, and take care of them — in exchange, all the men had to do was sign a few papers and give the women some personal information.

The two met Vados at the Hollywood Presbyterian Church in 1997. For two years, they put him up in one of Golay’s apartments, and she paid his utility bills. Rutterschmidt took care of Vados, who had health problems. Little did Vados know that the two had taken out multiple life insurance policies on him, both together and separately.But after Vados’ death, the policies took over a year to pay out. So the women threatened to sue the insurance company. They ended up settling for $600,000.”

These women got away with their abuse of men for years, but in the end they realized THEY GOT TOO GREEDY!

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